HDK-8 8 Piece Drum Microphone Kit


Heil HDK-8 8 Piece Drum Microphone Kit mikrofonų rinkinys


The Heil HDK-8 drum mic kit is the ultimate drum microphone collection. Start with the legendary PR 48 kick drum mic, giving you the best foundation in kick sound (with excellent side & rear noise rejection and the ability to withstand 148 dB SPL). This microphone is alive from 30 Hz, to 8.5K with a 10 dB boost where it is needed, making it the most real sounding kick ever heard. You will particularly appreciate the kick beater sound. There is so much flexibility built in to this kit, which also includes two PR 22 mics (great for mic’ing a snare from above and below), along with three PR 28’s to use on toms, and more, with two PR 30B’s (perfect for overhead cymbals), complementing the venerable PR 38 kick drum mic. All microphones in the HDK-8 are dynamic element mics, with tight cardioid patterns to produce quality, linear, sound. More importantly, these professional microphones bring out the best in the drum, as opposed to “manufacturing sound”. It’s almost like Heil microphones know exactly what to do with sound coming from any direction. That is why the microphones in the HDK-8 are the preferred microphones of some of the most successful artists and engineers in the world. The eight microphones in the HDK-8 kit come with three HH-1 patent-pending mic clips and two HM Standard mic clips in a rugged hard-shell carrying case. Bring out the best in rock, jazz, blues, funk, R&B…whatever, with the microphones included in the HDK-8.

Kit includes:

2- PR 22
3- PR 28
3- HH-1 (Patent Pending) mounts
2- PR 30B
1- PR 48
2- HM mic clips
Black Hardshell Carrying Case
Heil Sound, Ltd. warrants all microphones to the original purchaser for a period of three years (parts) and ninety days (labor) from the date of purchase.  Heil Sound, Ltd. warrants all accessories to the original purchaser for a period of one year (parts) and ninety days (labor) from the date of purchase.

Papildoma informacija

Svoris 14.7 kg
Išmatavimai 20.25 × 14.5 × 4.75 cm


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