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Audac M67

Dynamic Hand-Held Microphone


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    The M66 and M67 are fully featured, dynamic general purpose microphones for the budget conscious performer who wants style, audio quality and a product that works hard. They are solidly constructed, with a robust grill to protect the diafragm against rough handling and are suited for indoor as well as outdoor use.

    The high sensitive neodymium element makes them the perfect microphones for presentations and singers. Due to the unidirectional (supercardioid) polar pattern, the feedback is reduced to a strict minimum. The M66 and M67 are both exactly the same microphones with the same specifications, except the on/off switch is only provided on the M67.

    Type Dynamic
    Polar Pattern Supercardioid
    Frequency Response 50 Hz – 18 kHz
    Impedance 300 Ohm
    Sensitivity -75 ± 3 dB
    Dimensions (ø x H) 49 x 182 mm
    Weight 270 g

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