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Audac CMX726

Headset condenser microphone

colors: black or silver

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    The CMX726 is an headset condenser microphone with an omnidirectional pickup pattern, designed for a wide variation of vocal and speech applications. 

    The back-electret condenser capsule with flat frequency response guarantees a pristine audio quality true to the speakers voice and intonation. The high SPL capabilities guarantee a true reporoduction without distortion even while exposed to hard and vigurous sounds. 

    The construction is lightweight and ergonomically designed, guaranteeing a comfortable fit with minimum visual impact. The dual-ear construction allows it for being used for even the most energetic performances. A drop stopper on the microphone boom avoids humidity to reach the microphone cell, while bending and position adjustment allows optimal positioning. 

    A connector splits the cable from the microphone, allowing quick exchange which is valuable for both service use or when used in combination with different types of transmitters. The microphone comes with 4 types of connectors included, making it suitable for use with different major systems manufacturers. Additional connector types are optionally available.

    Available in dark (black) and light skin colour and comes with windscreen and cable clip for anchoring to clothing included. 

    Microphone type Back electret condenser
    Frequency Response 20 Hz – 20 kHz
    Polar pattern Omni-directional
    Sensitivity 42 dB ± 3 dB
    Impedance 2 k Ω ± 30%
    Max. SPL 135 dB
    Supply range 1.5 ~ 9 V DC
    Connection cable 1.2 meter
    Connectors included (1) 4-pin Shure type mini-XLR
    Connectors included (2) 3-pin AKG type mini-XLR
    Connectors included (3) 3.5 mm Sennheiser type jack
    Connectors included (4) 3.5 mm dB Technologies jack
    Accessories included (1) Windscreen
    Accessories included (2) Cable clip

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