Powersoft LiteMod


The ultimate flexible amplifier module

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The LiteMod is a two channel amplifier modules specifically designed to drive high power loudspeakers delivering up to 2x 600 W on 4 ohm per channel.

The LiteMod represents an important evolution in power amplifier modules: extremely compact and lightweight, LiteMod can be easily integrated into any appliance such as active loudspeakers and stand alone rack amplifiers.

The new design of the power supply equipped with PFC, reduces power consumption (less than 0.55 W in standby) while enhancing reliability and consistency in all operating conditions.

The high efficiency of the output stage improves overall performance delivering pristine power and clean output signal. A dedicated optional DSP board can be easily plugged to the module providing a complete solution in a compact package.

Efficiency and robustness, always and everywhere

  • Powersoft switching mode technology grants reliability, robustness and attention to detail. Accurate design of the Pulse Width Modulation block offers maximum performance, high predictability and immunity from intermodulation artifacts.

Maximize performances, minimize consumption

  • automatic mains voltage selector for world wide operation;
  • latest generation single-stage patented Power Factor Correction;
  • 0.5 W low standby power consumption.

Complete set of protections

  • thermal shutdown;
  • short circuit and overload protection;
  • stationary high frequency protection.


  • power supply, output stage and connectors are all included in a single, compact, lightweight chassis.


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