Audac RM523


Web Based Input Control Unit 4 Line + Mic + RS232

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The RM523 is a web based input control unit featuring four stereo line inputs and one balanced microphone input with phantom power, allowing the connection and control of several stereo audio source devices (such as CD-player, tuner, MP3 player, … ) and a microphone to one (potentially two) output device(s).

Two outputs are provided, one stereo line output and one differential output with increased voltage level performed with an RJ45 connector which is especially meant for connecting the LX523 loudspeaker system.

The control of the device can be done in two different ways: an integrated website makes it possible to control all the functions from any computer with a web browser without requiring additional software, while the RS232 connection makes it possible to control the RM523 with any device supporting serial communication such as a computer or even a home automation system.

The various input signals can be patched to the output with a two-band tone control, while the microphone channel has the possibility to provide 15V phantom power for powering condenser microphones. Priority settings on the microphone channel make it possible to supress other sources when someone is speaking into the microphone.

To make the installation even more complete, an optional MWX43 or MWX45 wall panel can be installed to control the signal routing and volume level from one or multiple fixed locations. 


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