Yamaha XM4180


4-channel power amplifiers that are an excellent choice for installations.

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Four High-Power Channels In One Amplifier

Both of these amps provide four independent channels of power amplification in convenient, manageable units (XM4180 = 180W, XM4080 = 80W). The XM4180 and XM4080 are suitable for a wide range of installed systems.

Stereo, Parallel, or Bridged Operation

Three operational modes can be selected as required: the stereo mode provides four independent channels of amplification, the parallel mode allows two mono sources to drive dual amplifiers each, and in the bridged mode two channels operate as a single high-power mono amp, effectively giving you two higher powered mono amps in one unit. The operating mode can be easily switched from the rear panel.

Versatile Input/Output Connectivity

Two types of input jacks are provided; balanced XLR types and Euroblock jacks for easy, secure input connection. Output connections are made via five-way binding posts. A high pass filter with a selectable 20 Hz or 55 Hz roll-off frequency is also provided. Precision attenuators and independent indicators are provided for each channel, allowing accurate level setup and status monitoring.

Distribution Drive Capability (XM4180)

The XM4180 is also capable of functioning as a distribution power amp that can drive multiple high-impedance speakers via 70V line output.

Monitor/Remote Jack

The rear panel provides a Monitor/Remote jack that allows the amp to be monitored and controlled from an external device.

General specifications XM4180
Total harmonic distortion Less than 0.1% (20Hz-20kHz; Halfpower), RL=4ohms
Intermodulation distortion Less than 0.1% (60Hz:7kHz=4:1; Halfpower)
Frequency response +0dB, -0.5dB (RL=8ohms, 20Hz – 20kHz)
S/N ratio 103dB
Crosstalk Less than -60dB
Damping factor More than 100
Voltage gain 30dB
Input sensitivity +4dBu
Maximum input voltage +22dBu
I/O Connectors Line input / output ports 4x XLR-3-31, 4x Euroblock
Speaker output ports 4x 5-way binding post
Control ports D-sub 15pin
Processors HPF (20Hz/55Hz/OFF, 12dB/Oct)
Protection circuit Load protection Power switch on/off mute, DC-fault (Output relay off; Restored automatically), Clip limiting (THD ≥ 0.5%)
Amplifier protection Thermal (Mute the output; heatsink temp ≥ 90°C; return automatically), VI limiter (Limit the output, RL ≤ 2ohms)
Power supply protection Thermal (Amplifier shuts down automatically; Operation not restored automatically; heatsink temp ≥ 90°C)
Amplifier class EEEngine
Cooling Variable-speed fan
Power requirements Depend on area of purchase; 100V, 120V, 230V or 240V; 50/60Hz
Power consumption Music source equivalent 600W
Idling 40W
Stand-by 5W
Dimensions W 480mm; 18-7/8in
H 88mm; 3-7/16in (2U)
D 412mm; 16-1/4in
Net weight 10kg; 22.1lbs
Accessories Owner’s manual, AC power cable, Security cover, 4x 3-pin Euroblock connector


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