Alspaw profiled big mobile stage


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Profiliuota, didelė mobili scena 10m x 6m x 6,1m

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Type of roof Profiles
Dimensions as a stage 10 m x 6 m x 6,1 m
Dimensions as a trailer 11,9 m x 2,46 m x 3,6 m
Way of lifting the roof electric-hydraulic
Net weight included all parts 3400 kg
Permitted total weight 3500 kg
Stage area 60 m2
Height of stage floor 1,5 m
Stage capacity slip proof, weather proof
Roof capacity 500 kg – to the front and back part of the roof*
1000 kg – to the middle part of the roof*
Floor capacity 500 kg/m2
Quadrosystem pillars load capacity 50 kg
Max. wind speed 70 km/h
Max. tickness of snow on the roof 8 cm
Canopy PCV certified material (flame resistant)
Scrim Typ A203 (white or black)
Installation time 60 min (2 people)


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