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Alspaw Grandstand 130

Mobili scena Grandstand 130

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    • Grandstand has 130 seats
    • One Person is needed to set up the stand (60min)
    • Static calculation
    • Seats area avaliable in different colours
    • Canopy is avaliable in different colours
    • Rails round the Mobile Tribune
    • Movability and quick installation makes it is the ideal product to use during the events
    • Mobile Tribune fulfill the heighest strictest international standards, specifications and standards in order to provide a safe and high quality product
    • The quality and readiness of supply in the World, long warranty service and after warranty service are the biggest advantages of ALSPAW
    • Quick assembly and disassembly
    • Mobile Tribune for any occasion and weather
    • Convenience and safety seats

    Type of roof Grandstand 130
    Dimensions as a Trailer

    11,9 m x 2,45 m x 3,6 m

    Dimension as a Stand:
    Height front
    Height back
    Height of last seats
    10 m
    6 m
    6,10 m
    5,60 m
    2,80 m
    Way of lifting the roof electric-hydraulic
    Net weight included all parts 3400 kg
    Permitted total weight 3500 kg
    Floor slip proof, weather proof, 60 m2
    Stand quantity 130
    Dopuszczalne obciążenie podłogi 300 kg/m2
    Max. wind speed 70 km/h
    Canopy PCV certified material (flame resistant)
    Scrim Type A203 (white or black)
    Setting up time 60 min (1 person)

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