Alspaw LED screen construction


Alspaw LED ekrano aliuminio konstrukcija 

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With the ever-increasing use of outdoor LED or Video screens, ALSPAW has engineered the perfect solution to hang your screen in an efficient and safe way. ALSPAW has developed 3 standard screen solutions, based on the very strong trusses. LED SCREEN construction is made by Quadrosystem truss, supported with an extra security base frame. This construction is very strong and stable for heavy and different size of LED SCREENS. The use of our hydraulic system capable of lifting ground support towers up to 12 m is an ideal solution to LED or Video screens.

Strong LED construction
LED SCREEN construction require extra attention with regard to set up and structural calculations by ALSPAW company. Environmental factors , such as wind force is the highest points for ALSPAW. All our constructions comply with the applicable regulations and standards.









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