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Yamaha PA2030

Lo-Z/Hi-Z switchable compact Class-D power amplifier (Lo-Z: 30W x2ch, Hi-Z: 60W x1ch) equipped with 2 types of line inputs, which enables to combine with the MA2030 mixer amplifier.

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    • Easy setup, and a user-friendly interface for effortless operation
    • Switchable for Lo-Z (3Ω/4Ω) or Hi-Z (70V/100V) speaker systems
    • Built-in EQ for optimum Yamaha VXC/VXS series speaker performance
    • Service zones can be expanded by adding a MA2030
    • Yamaha quality control ensures safe, reliable operation
    • Space-saving 1U half-rack size*
    • * Sufficient space must be provided above and below the unit for airflow and cooling.

    Designed for Effortless Everyday Use

    The MA2030 Mixer Amplifier and PA2030 Power Amplifier feature interfaces that have been specifically designed for effortless operation. A layout that gives priority to the frequently used output volume knob while other controls are visually subdued, for example, significantly enhances control efficiency in normal day-to-day operation. And there’s no need for computers or complex programming procedures for installation or operation. After a quick, easy setup procedure that requires no special knowledge or skill, the system is ready to deliver outstanding sound in a wide range of applications.

    Yamaha DSP Features for Enhanced Music and Microphone Operation

    The MA2030 packs years of experience and commercial audio know-how into a compact but powerful amplifier that is protected by a rugged metal chassis. 3 stereo inputs and 2 microphone inputs (XLR combo jack and Euroblock) provide plenty of input capacity for small installations. Features that contribute to high quality music playback and microphone use include a feedback suppressor that effectively stops feedback that can occur when a microphone picks up sound from the system’s speakers, automatic ducking that smoothly adjusts the background program level when microphone input is detected, and automatic leveling that keeps overall volume constant regardless of changes in source level.

    Flexible EQ Functions

    Bass and treble EQ controls on the front panel of the MA2030 are convenient for adjusting the low and high frequency contours of the stereo input source. The source EQ also includes an enhancer function that adds harmonics as necessary for improved sound. In addition to the MA2030 source EQ, the MA2030 and PA2030 both include speaker EQ that can be selected via a rear-panel DIP switch to provide ideal equalization for Yamaha VXC or VXS series speakers.

    Supports Lo-Z and Hi-Z Speaker Systems

    Both the MA2030 and PA2030 directly support low impedance and high impedance speaker systems without the need for additional transformers or other hardware that can take up valuable installation space. When used to drive a 3Ω or higher low-impedance speaker system (3Ω/4Ω selectable) the amplifiers deliver up to 30W per channel into two channels. With a high-impedance 70V or 100V line connection output is a single channel at up to 60W. That’s ideal output power for a variety of small installations. And since the MA2030 and PA2030 can be used with all Yamaha commercial installation speakers*, you have the choice and flexibility to design a sound system that ideally meets your specific requirements.*Includes the VXS series, VXC series, VS series, S series, NS-AW series and NS-IC series. The S series , NS-AW series and NS-IC series are not available in some regions.

    Build a System that Meets Your Needs

    For larger systems the MA3020 and PA2030 can be combined to drive more speakers, service a wider area, or set up volume zoning. An optional RKH1 rack mount can be used to mount either the half-rack size MA2030 or PA2030 alone, or both units side by side in a single 1U rack space. There’s also an optional DCP1V4S control panel that can be connected to the MA2030 for remote volume control, microphone on/off switching, or triggering the built-in chime for announcements.

    Safe and Efficient in Any Environment

    At the heart of both the MA2030 and PA2030 is a high-efficiency Class D amplifier that delivers sufficient power for small scale applications while consuming minimal mains power during operation. For absolutely quiet operation as well as superior reliability, both models feature thermal designs that achieve efficient cooling without the need for cooling fans. Intelligent protection functions inherited from our flagship models are included in the power supply and amplifier sections to prevent damage to the amplifier as well as the connected speaker system in the case of overload.

    General specifications PA2030
    Output power 1kHz (THD+N=1%: 3Ω) 30W x 2 (20ms Burst)
    1kHz (THD+N=1%: 4Ω) 30W x 2 (20ms Burst)
    High impedance: 100V line 60W x 1
    High impedance: 70V line 60W x 1
    Total harmonic distortion ≤ 0.1% (Line in to Speaker out 1kHz, 15W, 3Ω/4Ω), ≤ 0.2% (Line in to Speaker out 1kHz, 30W, 70V/100V)
    Frequency response 0dB, -3.0dB, +1.0dB (Line in to Speaker out, 50Hz to 20kHz, 1W, 3Ω/4Ω), 0dB, -3.0dB, +1.0dB (Line in to Speaker out, 90Hz to 20kHz, 1W, 70V/100V)
    I/O Connectors Mic Input
    Stereo Input LINE IN: Stereo RCA pin, unbalanced, 3.5mm Euroblock 3-pin x 2, balanced
    Speaker Output Barrier strip x 2 pairs
    Line Out
    Control ports
    Input Level -10.0 dBV: Sensitivity / Nominal, +10.0 dBV: Max before clip (Unbalanced / Stereo Input), +4.0 dBu: Sensitivity / Nominal, +24.0 dBu: Max before clip (Balanced / Stereo Input)
    Output Level
    Protection circuit Load protection Power switch on/off: Mute the output, Output voltage protection: Compress the output, DC-fault: Power supply shutdown
    Amplifier protection Thermal: Limit the output → Mute → Shutdown (*Restored automatically), Over current: Mute the output (*Restored automatically), Integrated power limit: Compress the output
    Power supply protection Thermal: Power supply shutdown, Over voltage: Power supply shutdown, Over current: Power supply shutdown (*Restored automatically)
    Amplifier class Class D
    Cooling Conventional cooling, bottom to up airflow
    Power requirements 100V, 120V, 230V-240V; 50Hz/60Hz
    Power consumption Music source equivalent 30W (1/8max. power, 3Ω, AC 100V, pink noise at all channels)
    Dimensions W 215mm (8.5”)
    H 54mm (2.1”)
    D 288mm (11.4”)
    Net weight 1.8kg (4.0lbs)
    Accessories AC power cable, 3.5mm Euroblock plug (3-pin) x 2, Owner’s manual, Specification sheet
    Options RKH1 (Rack-mount Accessory)
    Others Operating Temperature: 0°C to + 40°C, Storage Temperature: -20°C to + 60°C, Rack-mountable when ensuring sufficient ventilation above and below the unit

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