Yamaha XM4080


4-channel power amplifiers that are an excellent choice for installations.

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Four High-Power Channels In One Amplifier

Both of these amps provide four independent channels of power amplification in convenient, manageable units (XM4180 = 180W, XM4080 = 80W). The XM4180 and XM4080 are suitable for a wide range of installed systems.

Stereo, Parallel, or Bridged Operation

Three operational modes can be selected as required: the stereo mode provides four independent channels of amplification, the parallel mode allows two mono sources to drive dual amplifiers each, and in the bridged mode two channels operate as a single high-power mono amp, effectively giving you two higher powered mono amps in one unit. The operating mode can be easily switched from the rear panel.

Versatile Input/Output Connectivity

Two types of input jacks are provided; balanced XLR types and Euroblock jacks for easy, secure input connection. Output connections are made via five-way binding posts. A high pass filter with a selectable 20 Hz or 55 Hz roll-off frequency is also provided. Precision attenuators and independent indicators are provided for each channel, allowing accurate level setup and status monitoring.

Monitor/Remote Jack

The rear panel provides a Monitor/Remote jack that allows the amp to be monitored and controlled from an external device.

General specifications XM4080
Total harmonic distortion Less than 0.1% (20Hz-20kHz; Halfpower), RL=4ohms
Intermodulation distortion Less than 0.1% (60Hz:7kHz=4:1; Halfpower)
Frequency response +0dB, -0.5dB (RL=8ohms, 20Hz – 20kHz)
S/N ratio 103dB
Crosstalk Less than -60dB
Damping factor More than 100
Voltage gain 26dB
Input sensitivity +4dBu
Maximum input voltage +22dBu
I/O Connectors Line input / output ports 4x XLR-3-31, 4x Euroblock
Speaker output ports 4x 5-way binding post
Control ports D-sub 15pin
Processors HPF (20Hz/55Hz/OFF, 12dB/Oct)
Protection circuit Load protection Power switch on/off mute, DC-fault (Output relay off; Restored automatically), Clip limiting (THD ≥ 0.5%)
Amplifier protection Thermal (Mute the output; heatsink temp ≥ 90°C; return automatically), VI limiter (Limit the output, RL ≤ 2ohms)
Power supply protection Thermal (Amplifier shuts down automatically; Operation not restored automatically; heatsink temp ≥ 90°C)
Amplifier class EEEngine
Cooling Variable-speed fan
Power requirements Depend on area of purchase; 100V, 120V, 230V or 240V; 50/60Hz
Power consumption Music source equivalent 400W
Idling 40W
Stand-by 5W
Dimensions W 480mm; 18-7/8in
H 88mm; 3-7/16in (2U)
D 412mm; 16-1/4in
Net weight 9.8kg; 21.6lbs
Accessories Owner’s manual, AC power cable, Security cover, 4x 3-pin Euroblock connector


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