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    Deck panel in Carply for modular stage system Roadstage series, fireproof and antiskid, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

    • Made of Carply 12mm
    • Available dimensions: 2x1m, 1x1m
    • Covering resistant to weathering agents
    • Panel frame made of aluminum
    • Load capacity 500Kg/sqm (TUV standard)-750 kg/sqm (CEE standard)

    Code Avail. €/Pcs. Panel Dimension (cm) Weight (kg)
    35x35RSP1010.png?2014-08-27 RSP1010
    325,00 1x1m 100x100x9 18.3
    35x35RSP2010.png?2014-08-27 RSP2010
    400,00 2x1m 200x100x9 29

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