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Protruss LTR11


Code Avail. €/Pcs. Open structure (WxDxH) Folded structure (WxDxH) Weight
35x35LTR1120.png?2015-08-04 LTR1120
75,00 915x915x200 mm 160x160x474 mm 2,6 kg
35x35LTR1140.png?2015-08-04 LTR1140
80,00 915x915x400 mm 160x160x574 mm 3,5 kg
35x35LTR1160.png?2015-08-04 LTR1160
90,00 915x915x600 mm 160x160x726 mm 4,5 kg


Produkto kodas: 2009 Kategorijos: ,

    Aluminium supporting structure, reticular and foldable, for Litestage systems

    • Compatible with LTP1010 1x1m Litestage deck panels
    • 9 anchor points with fastlock guide for riser-deck locking
    • Different available heights: 20/40/60 cm
    • Pivotable joints made of nylon
    • Quick locking system for stacking of more structures

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