Powersoft DigiMod 2000HV


2-channel High-Voltage Power Amplifier Module

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The DigiMod 2000HV is a power amplifier module specifically designed for 2-channel applications where high output voltage level is required, and with its 2x1050W on 8Ω and 1x2100W in bridged mode is the perfect engine to drive rock solid double subwoofers or high power 2-way systems.

Highest grade audio accuracy is guaranteed by fixed frequency switch mode output stage, avoiding any intermodulation artifact, and by the new “Control Plus” board allowing to achieve +6dB more in terms of Signal-to-Noise Ratio.

The DigiMod 2000HV an extremely compact solution: power supply, output stage, DSP board and connectors are all included in a single, small, lightweight and protected chassis, and the perfect compatibility with the other DigiMod Series modules allows to minimize efforts for mechanical development of different products.

As for all Powersoft modules, even the 2100W delivered by DigiMod 2000HV can be shaped and controlled using one of the DSP boards available to design the sound of the loudspeaker with a large set of processing algorithms.

  • Automatic mains voltage switch for worldwide operation
  • Thermal protections (power limiting – thermal shutdown)
  • Short-circuit/overload output protection
  • Clip limiter
  • Permanent signal limiter
  • High frequency protection
  • Auxiliary output voltage (±12V regulated, 200mA max)
  • Bypass line outputs for external active/passive filters
  • Mute command
  • Temperature controlled internal Fan and output
  • Optional DSP board
  • Remote Control & Networking with optional DSP board
  • Fully integrate in Armonía Pro Audio Suite™, for complete monitoring and control of the wholesystem.


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