Powersoft D-Cell504 IS powercons


2/4-Channel Integrated Solution for D-Cell504

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The D-Cell504 IS Series literally brings in the palm of your hand all the flexibility of the D-Cell504 family of amp modules, providing in a compact platform all you need to quickly develop your product and dramatically reduce time-to-market.

Available in both 2-channel version and in an incredibly compact 4-channel model with two amp units, with D-Cell504 IS it’s easy to power a 2-way loudspeakers with up to 2x350W on 4Ω or 1x700W in bridge mode on 8Ω, or even 3-way systems with up to 700W on the low end.

Performances are simply amazing, thanks to the PFC power supply (allowing worldwide and error proof operation) and premium quality Class D output stage, also available with DSP on board.

Integrated on an elegant aluminum heatsink panel, the D-Cell504 IS offers an interface panel with input volume potentiometer, double XLR for mono input and link out or stereo input operation, four LED for Limit, Clip, Signal and Ready signaling.

Thanks to the presence on the interface panel of a preset selection pushbutton, four LED to show the preset in use and programming connector, both the end user and the manufacturer have easy access to the powerful functionalities of the DSP mounted on board, now also with remote control capabilities through Armonía Pro Audio Suite™.

  • Customizable Power Output: 350W + 350W @ 4Ω, 180W @ 8Ω + 350W @ 4Ω
  • Novel State of the Art Fixed Frequency PPM-PWM modulation: Unmatched audio performance from any perspective, intrinsic immunity to intermodulation artifacts in multi-channel applications
  • Very High efficiency/Low consumption
  • Comprehensive/smart protection features: thermal, overcurrent, high frequencies and non audio signals
  • Clip and Permanent signal limiter
  • Auxiliary output voltage (±12V regulated, 200mA)
  • Bypass line outputs for external active/passive filters
  • Mute command
  • Temperature controlled Fan output
  • Remote Control & Networking with optional DSP board
  • Fully integrate in Armonia, for complete monitoring and fine-tuning the whole system.
  • Power Factor Correction (PFC): for worldwide operation and error proof connection to mains voltage
  • Compact size and EMI/safety certification: for quick and easy product development
  • High quality audio: fixed frequency modulation design for predictable high end performance
  • Optional On Board DSP 2 In – 4 Out: 24 bit AD/DA conversion, 28X28 bit multiplier with 56 bit accumulator, full double precision processing. SigmaStudio® based full set of filtering, equalization, dynamic processing – 4 presets storable.
  • Auxiliary DSP processed outputs: for slaving other not DSP equipped units
  • Load Monitoring: for transducer health diagnostic and safety regulation compliance


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