Turbosound 20000DP


High Power 4Ch.powered loudspeaker management sys.


The 20000DP is a high power four channel powered loudspeaker management system designed as part of the Flashline large format line array integrated loudspeaker system. The 20000DP seamlessly integrates an extraordinarily powerful four-channel amplifier platform with Lake® Processing, Dante networked signal distribution, accurate load verification and real-time performance monitoring, housed in a 2U chassis and affording unprecedented power density for even greater utility in all types of sound reinforcement applications.

Engineered as part of a unified system of loudspeakers, amplifiers, rigging hardware and racks, the 20000DP affords significant advantages – in driver optimisation, sonic performance, user functionality, inventory utilisation, and long-term cost savings – when compared to conventional approaches using separate components. By combining enormous power with industry-leading Lake loudspeaker processing, a single 20000DP unit is capable of driving up to three Flashline mid/high cabinets – assigning one frequency band per channel – or up to six Flashline subwoofers.

The 20000DP incorporates several new developments to maintain rated performance even with extreme program demands or under marginal operating conditions. A new universal power supply with power factor correction (PFC) allows extended bursts without sagging rails; extreme low frequency beats will not affect mid- and high-frequency headroom. Also, with a differentiated load on the four outputs, a higher wattage can be delivered to the more heavily loaded channel while peak voltage remains accessible on all channels. In addition, new limiter profiles result in improved subjective performance when the desire for increased SPL exceeds allowable limits.

Finally, to assure uninterrupted service when pushed to extremes, the 20000DP employs the proprietary Breaker Emulation Limiter (BEL*) to prevent tripping of mains breakers, along with advanced peak limiting circuits that keep the output devices inside operating tolerances and below the thermal protection threshold. When confronted with sagging mains voltage, Under- Voltage Limiting (UVL*) allows continued operation even when mains supply is as low as 65 V.


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