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DSP-4 is a 1 in/4 out advanced processing board specifically designed to provide powered products with all the features and processing power available on flagship KDSP Series rack amplifiers. It allows access to unique Armonía Pro Audio Suite functionalities such as LiveImpedance™ Measurement, TruePower™ Limiter, and Active DampingControl™. Compatible with all DigiMod Series amp modules, the DSP-4 is ideal for any application with high processing and digital audio networking requirements, and represents the perfect “brain” for top-level multi-way systems and line arrays where complete control and premium performances are needed.

Processing power and audio performances

Based on Analog Devices SHARC® DSP with 40 bit floating point data allowing for optimal dynamic range and lossless processing, the DSP-4 offers:

1x analog input with:

  • Tandem® technology for optimized A/D conversion (>125dB SNR)
  • Up to 4s of input delay
  • Arbitrary frequency response input equalizer with three layers of 32 filters each (PEQ, Raised cosine, Shelving)

Complete set of limiters: RMS, TruePower™ and Peak limiter with look ahead, to protect drivers from excessive power and potentially breaking displacement.

4x fully processed outputs with:

  • 8 biquad crossovers (up to 48 dB/octave)
  • 16 full parametric filters per channel (Peaking, High/Low Shelving, High/Low Pass Eq, Band pass, Band stop, All pass)
  • Custom FIR filter (385 taps @ 48 kHz for the pre-output eq and for each output eq)
  • 100ms delay available for alignment/auxiliary purposes

Control and monitoring features
The DSP-4 is fully supported by Powersoft Armonía Pro Audio Suite™ software, enabling remote control via Ethernet (AESOP network) of parameter settings, preset handling, group information, firmware update, extensive OEM presets locking features. With the DSP-4 you have access to unique Armonía features:

  • Active DampingControl™, for dramatically improved cone control resulting in better sound and higher output
  • TruePower™ Limiter to avoid burning voice coils while getting maximum performances
  • Flexible and Safe signal routing with AESOP network.

AESOP is a Powersoft proprietary networking protocol that guarantees easy system configuration and maximum reliability. Automatic configuration lets you quickly set up redundant and daisy-chained ring network topologies with fault bypass technology permitting to overcome any faulty device in the network with a super-fast recovery time and assuring rock solid connectivity without any audio or control signal loss.

The DSP-4 supports AESOP protocol through the Digital Audio Input add-on board, accepting AES3 signals from RJ45 connector or XLR and with input MUX: You can manage 2xAES3 streams, stereo 24 bit, supporting multiple sampling rates (32 to 196 kHz), with selectable glitchless analog auto backup, gain trim and link through.

  • Powerful Analog Devices SHARC® DSP / 330MHz / 2000MFLOPS
  • 40 bit, floating point data allowing for optimal dynamic range and lossless processing
  • Full integration in Powersoft Armonía Pro Audio Suite™ software
  • Large system setup and servicing is made easy
  • AES3 with selectable glitchless analog auto backup
  • Alignment delay up to 4s, with high temporal resolution (1 us step)
  • True power limiter to avoid burning voice coils while getting the maximum performances from drivers
  • Crossover with IIR Butterworth, Bessel and Linkwitz-Riley filters, up to 48 dB/octave
  • Advanced load impedance estimation
  • Peak limiter with lookahead
  • Custom FIR filter, 2048 taps @ 48 kHz shared arbitrarily between input and outputs
  • Arbitrary frequency response input equalizer, up to 256 raised cosine filter cells
  • TruePower™ limiter to avoid burning voice coils while getting the maximum performances from drivers
  • Patented damping control and cable resistance compensation: get optimally damped bass response with any cabling length
  • AES3 gain trim
  • AES3 link through
  • 1 channel input processing with propietary Tandem technology for high SNR
  • 2 channels input for auxiliary input processing
  • 4 fully processed channel outputs
  • Automatic network configuration
  • Support multi sampling rates
  • Fast failure recovery time: <0.05 s on audio signal, <0.5 s on control data


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