Powersoft DigiMod 500


Single-channel Power Amplifier Module

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The DigiMod 500 is the only Powersoft amplifier module with a single-channel output stage delivering 500W on 4Ω, excellent for small power professional applications or products specifically intended for musicians, where everything you need is reliability and high audio quality for a relatively small amount of power.

Nevertheless, the DigiMod 500 can do much more than this: its power supply is able to drive the additional 2-channel bridgeable output stage DigiMod 1000NPS, enabling to extend the range of the configurations driven by the DigiMod 500, such as small 3-way systems where the power demand for low end is up to 500W or more powerful 2-way loudspeaker with up to 1000W available for the woofer.

The versatility of the DigiMod 500 matches with the powerful and flexible processing capabilities of Powersoft DSP boards, specifically designed for perfect interaction with DigiMod Series amplifier modules, putting at your disposal a complete set of processing features to fit the acoustic design, with four presets available to further improve the flexibility and ease of use of the final product.

  • Automatic mains voltage switch for worldwide operation
  • Thermal protections (power limiting – thermal shutdown)
  • Short-circuit/overload output protection
  • Clip limiter
  • Permanent signal limiter
  • High frequency protection
  • Auxiliary output voltage (±12V regulated, 200mA max)
  • Bypass line outputs for external active/passive filters
  • Mute command
  • Temperature controlled internal Fan and output
  • Optional DSP board
  • Remote Control & Networking with optional DSP board
  • Fully integrate in Armonía Pro Audio Suite™, for complete monitoring and control of the whole system.


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