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LD Systems LDLAX6D

LD Systems LAX Series – Mixer 6-channel with DSP

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    The LAX series mixers have a natural sound with outstanding parameters and optimal user-friendliness as well as maximum dependability in day-to-day operation on the road. This makes them the perfect, affordable solution for a broad range of applications. Whether live on stage, home/project recording or installations of all kinds such as community centers, churches, and bars/bistros, the LAX series offers the right solution for many applications. Continuous on-site quality control according to ISO9001 ensures high dependability and high quality.

    The mixing console has a total of six (6) input channels: 2 MIC inputs (mono) and 2 line inputs (stereo).


    • Especially high headroom and dynamic range
    • Extra low-distortion preamps
    • Outstanding performance with excellent noise behaviour
    • High-quality potentiometers/faders with smooth feel
    • Robust construction for long service life

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