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JB-LIGHTING A8 TW tunable white

The power-pack A8 is now also available with white LEDs. It is equipped with 37 multi-chip LEDs in the 15W class. Each multi-chip LED has two cold-white and two warm-white chips, which allow continuous adjustment of the colour temperature from 2800 Kelvin to 7500 Kelvin.

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    Optics and light source
    • Zoom system 4°-48° (4°-33°, measured at 1/2 peak; 8°-48° measured at 1/10th peak)
    • Highly efficient lens system
    • 37 RGBW multichip LEDs in the 15W class, each carrying two warm white and two cold white chips
    • Hexagonal lens form for high density packing and compact design

    • 450° Pan / 330° Tilt
    • Separate CTC channel
    • High-resolution steplessly variable dimmer 0% –100%
    • Flickerfree performance due to flex mode
    • Electronic strobe with pulse and random effects

    • High-resolution three-phase stepper motors • Precise and fast movements
    • Silent, ideal for noise-sensitive applications Control
    • DMX 512
    • Integrated DMX-in module for JB-Lighting Wireless DMX
    • Illuminated graphics display, can be rotated electronically
    • Stand-alone mode

    Power consumption
    • 545W maximum

    • Compact housing
    • Powercon In and Out
    • 3-pin und 5-pin XLR connectors
    • Temperature-controlled fans
    • Omega bracket for fast and comfortable mounting in every position
    • Dimensions: w 359 x h 449 x d 265mm
    • Weight: 11kg

    • Wireless TRX
    • Omega-bracket for single clamp attachment
    • Double flightcase
    • Quad flightcase

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