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The Sparx 10 is equipped with 37 RGBW multichip LEDs and uniquely designed lenses that create stunning effects.
It exhibits a round light aperture, minimal struts between the lenses and a fully illumi- nated lighting field. Due to the size, the light-emitting surface is extremely impressive and ideal for the display of the countless patterns. 

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    Optics and Light Source
    • 37 RGBW LEDs
    • Optical zoom System 4°-40° (4°-30° at 1/2 peak, 8°-40° at 1/10 peak)
    • highly efficient lens system
    • round beam without gaps between the lenses Effects
    • Individual LED control
    • Sparkle-Effect for dynamic effects like a fire effect
    • Various layers of effects can be combined freely for countless pattern/colour combinations
    • Glow- and Colorspread-channel for additional colourmixing options
    • separate CTC channel
    • optimized colour mixing performance
    • high resolution, stepless dimmer 0%-100%
    • colour true dimming
    • electronic strobe with pulse and random effects

    • high resolution 3 phase stepping motors
    • precise and fast movement
    • low-noise, suitable for sound-sensitive applications
    • 450° Pan/330° Tilt

    • DMX-512
    • Integrated receiver for JB-Lighting Wireless DMX
    • Illuminated graphic display, electronically rotatable
    • Stand-Alone mode

    Power Consumption
    • Approx. 700W

    • Compact housing
    • LEDs individually exchangeable without soldering
    • 3pin and 5pin connectors
    • PowerCon in/out
    • Temperature controlled fans
    • Omega brackets for quick and comfortable mounting in any direction

    Mechanical specification
    • Size: w 404 x h 480 x d 265mm
    • Weight: 12kg

    • Wireless TRX
    • Double flight case
    • Quad flight case
    • Omega-bracket for single clamp attachment

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