Audac XMP44


Professional modular audio system


An audio player fulfilling specific needs of any user sounds hard to achieve. With this modular audio system, a fully flexible structure with 4 slots is at your disposal. Each slot allows implementation of any available module, selectable between FM tuners, DAB&DAB+ tuners, contact & time triggered voice file interfaces as well as internet audio players and USB media players/recorders. This results in a solution that will live up to the needs of any user that takes high regard of crystal clear audio reproduction.

Thanks to the 2.8” TFT display and the push rotary dial on its front, an unmatched user experience is achieved. In combination with 4 tactile pushbuttons even unexperienced users can make adjustments and custom configurations with great ease. A USB interface for each module (4 in total) allows playback or storage of media & voice files, while pre-listening for each output is made possible through a built-in speaker.

The XMP44 is both RS-232 and TCP/IP controllable allowing implementation with home & industrial automation systems. Using the freely available app and web-interface, control and configuring can be done from any portable device on any location and at any time.


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