Audac POW2


R2 & M2 Power Amp. Kit 16X60W 8 Channel Stereo


The POW2 is an optional power amplifier kit which can be installed inside the R2 and M2 Multi-Zone Digital Audio Matrix housing. In its standard configuration, the R2 or M2 is equipped with 8 line level output channels on which the appropriate amplifiers can be connected, depending on the required power for the specific application. For certain applications where no large power capacities are required, the optional power amplifier kit can be installed, resulting in a multifunctional matrix and power amplifier merged into one single housing.

The POW2 consists of a 16 channel (8 Stereo channel) Class-D amplifier, delivering a power of 60 Watt to every channel at 4 Ohm. In bridge mode, an output power of 8 x 120 Watt can be obtained at 8 Ohm. It features an advanced protection circuit which protects against DC malfunctioning, short circuit, overheating and overload while a large heatsink and speed controlled ventilation fan ensure a proper operation temperature is continuously maintained. The POW2 power amplifier kit includes the power amplifier module, a switching power supply and all necessary connection and installation accessories to properly install the kit inside the R2 or M2’s housing.

Stereo @ 4 Ω 16 x 60 W
Stereo @ 8 Ω 16 x 30 W
Bridge @ 8 Ω 8 x 120 W
THD+N <0.1%
Signal / Noise >100 dB
Frequency Response (±3 dB) 20 Hz – 20 kHz


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