Yamaha VXC8VA


8″ cone woofer with a 1″ soft dome tweeter

colors: black or white


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Ceiling speakers for any application

The VXC Series offers three different woofer sizes, allowing you to choose the speaker that is most suitable for your venue. Each model has an internal transformer that allows both high and low-impedance drive with just a single speaker, simply by switching the tap on the baffle. Since a single speaker can be used for both operations, inventory control is simplified, and you can easily adapt your system to any changes.

Safe, seamless installation

Series speakers’ Anti-Drop tab allows them to be mounted temporarily in the ceiling, freeing your hands for better safety and ease of installation. An attached, flexible carrying band also makes the speakers very portable, allowing you to carry multiple speakers at once safely. Additionally, VXC Series speakers also come complete with O-rings and tile rails for a safer, smoother installation.

Pursuing the best sound for installation

We developed the VXC and VXS Series speakers to address a demand in the installation market for speakers capable of providing superb music reproduction as well as crystal clear announcements for public address applications. Both series feature newly customized transducers with large, powerful magnetic circuits that increase driving and braking force substantially, as well as dedicated tweeter diaphragms and speaker cone paper made from a carefully-created blend of materials that help optimize sound reproduction. Cabinets are built tough to meet the demands of a wide variety of commercial environments, constructed from a carefully selected plastic with just the right tensile strength, and designed with optimized bass-reflex tuning to offer a firm, tight low-end. From the networking components and the materials used for wiring and soldering, right down to the optimal placement of acoustic absorption material, a great deal of attention has been paid to even the smallest details of the series’ design.

Speaker Design

Several aspects of these speakers’ design reflect a strong emphasis on functionality as well as the aesthetic features of their construction—effectively enhancing sound quality and speaker performance without disturbing the interior décor of the installation. This concept is evident in the hexagonal design featured on the grille of both series’ speakers that actually improves sound clarity by raising the aperture ratio. Similarly, the smooth curves of the surface-mount cabinet’s simple yet sophisticated design allow the speakers to be mounted closely to the wall—while still fully capable of panning and tilting to target service areas. Even the innovative design of the VXC’s tweeter improves sound clarity by providing unrestricted woofer movement.

Paintable speakers for your unique room design

VXC series comes with paintable speaker grilles. Not only filling your room with premium sound, VXC series enhances the design of interior by painting its grille in any color you like such as light color, deep color, or the best matching color to your decors.

 VXS/VXC Series Painting Guide

EN54 compatible version with uncompromised performance

We also offers “VA” versions that add EN54-24 voice alarm system standard compliance while retaining the outstanding sonic quality and ease of installation provided by the VXC series speakers; therefore a single speaker can optimally handle both music reproduction and emergency broadcast functions. The VA versions employ flame-retardant materials for the cabinet and baffle, ceramics for the speaker terminal support, and clamping covers on the rear panels to meet EN54-24 standard heat and moisture resistance requirements. 3 models and 6 variations of VXC-VA version are available.

General specifications VXC8-VA / VXC8-VAW
Speaker type 2-way, Acoustic suspension
Frequency range (-10dB) 55Hz – 20kHz (Half-space:2π)
Nominal coverage 100° conical (Half-space:2π)
Components LF 8″ Cone
HF 1″ Soft dome
Power rating NOISE 90W
PGM 180W
Nominal impedance
Transformer taps 100V 60W (170Ω), 30W (330Ω), 15W (670Ω)
70V 60W (83Ω), 30W (170Ω), 15W (330Ω), 7.5W (670Ω)
SPL Sensitivity (1W; 1m on axis) 89dB SPL (Half-space:2π)
Peak (Calculated) 114dB SPL (1m, Calculated based on power rating and sensitivity, exclusive of power compression)
I/O connectors 1x Ceramic terminal block (3P) (input: +/-, Earth)
Finish VXC8-VA: Black / VXC8-VAW: White
Dimensions Diameter 325mm (12.8″)
D 295mm (11.6″)
Net weight 6.6kg (14.6lbs)
Cutout size Ø285 mm (Ø11-1/4″)
Required ceiling board thickness 5 mm – 35 mm
Accessories O-ring, Tile Rail, Cutout Template
Packaging Packaged in pairs
Certificate CE, RoHS
EN54-24 compliance Yes (DoP No. 0359-CPR-00405)
Waterproof IP32

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