ProAudio HC1380


Shielded balanced transparent cable.

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Shielded balanced transparent cable.

  • O.F.C. (Oxygen Free Copper).
  • Suitable for all kinds of audio signals.
  • Inner conductors: tinned copper AWG20, 2x28x0.15 mm.
  • Insulation: PVC diameter 1.70 mm, cotton tape with spiral cotton filler.
  • Shield: tinned copper braid 10x16x0.10 mm, 94%± 5%.
  • Outer sheath: antistatic PVC ø 6.35 mm, 60 Shore.
  • Available colours: transparent, transparent brown, transparent grey.
Conductor D.C.R >37 ohm/KM
Capacitance CDR/CDR 52 pF/m
Capacitance CDR/SCR 85 pF/m
Weight (Kg/mt) 0,0525
Working temperature -30 + 70 C°


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