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Portable power-box for electric distribution, 63A 5p input plug

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    Portable power-box for electric distribution, 63A 5p input plug

    • IP54 shock resistant, robust and mobile insulated thermoplastic box
    • Box dimensions (WxHxD): 32x32x32 cm


    • 63A-5p (3P+N+E) Panel-mount CEE plug, 400V 50/60Hz IP67, 1pc (code 913315)


    • 32A-5p (3P+N+E) Panel-mount CEE socket, 400V 50/60Hz IP67, 2pcs (code 912415)


    • Residual Current Circuit Breaker w  overcurrent prot, 4P, 7 mod, 63A, 10kA, 30mA, 1pc (code 923443)
    • Magneto-thermic Switch (1P+N), 2 modules, 32A/6kA, 2pcs (code 922112)


    • 4P Fuser block, 4 modules, 1pc (code 927114)
    • Triple LED indicator, 1 module, red color, 1pc (code 927321)
    CODE PBL6365  
    In 1x 63A CEE plug
    3P+N+G 400V IP67
    1x Thermal-magnetic residual current operated circuit breaker (4P 63A Idn. 30mA) “Main switch”
    Out 2x 32A CEE sockets
    2P+G 400V IP67
    Protection 2x Thermal-magnetic
    circuit breakers
    (4P 32A)
    Control 1x Fuse block disconnecting switch 3P+N 1x Triple indicator lights
    (line presence)

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