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Audac AWP06

Waterproof ceiling speaker – 8 Ohm/100V 6W RMS – IP65

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    The AWP06 is a waterproof ceiling speaker with a power of 6 Watt which meets the IP65 standard. It is designed to be used in a wide variation of in- and outdoor applications and damp locations and features a 4″ loudspeaker.

    Due to its wide smooth frequency response and high efficiency, it ensures high-fidelity music reproduction and intelligible speech at very low distortion. It can be used in 8 Ohm low impedance systems or in 100V PA systems with power taps for 6 Watt, 3 Watt and 1.5 Watt.

    RMS Power 6 W
    Max Power 10 W
    Power Taps / Impedance 6 / 3 / 1.5 W 
    8 Ohm
    Sensitivity (1W / 1m) 87 dB
    Max SPL 95 dB
    Frequency Response (±3 dB) 100 Hz – 15 kHz
    IP rating 65
    Dimensions (ø x D) 140 x 130 mm
    Weight 0.95 kg

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