LOUDSPEAKER 12″LEX1300Nd 8 OH. 12LEX1300Nd
POWER (W AES): 1300
SEN. (dB 2.83V-1m): 96
COIL DIAM. (in): 4

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MALT Cross
In Beyma we face the problem of heat dissipation with a clear goal in mind: the speaker must deliver the best performance in the system in a consistent and reliable way, maximizing the total SPL and keeping it stable.

It is well known how the overall SPL of a system suffers a drop after some time working due to the power compression effect in the speakers. It is also known that normally the bigger the voice coil diameter the higher the power capacity, but this also means bigger motor structures to obtain high total output from the transducer.

The Maltcross cooling technology that we deliver to the Professional Audio market through our speakers, bring together several solutions to meet our goal; in one side allows the woofer to handle bigger rates of power with a given coil diameter, so we can think in smaller coil designs with smaller motor structure, reducing the weight but increasing the sensitivity and also keeping an adequate power handling figure for a target application, maintaining a total SPL finally that may be equivalent to a bigger size motor structure driver.

The Matcross technology is a forced convection circuit inside the heart of the driver that helps to lower the working temperature of the coil and also acts like a demodulation ring, linearizing the inductance of the transducer.

Nominal impedance 8 Ohm
Power capacity 1300 W AES
Nominal diameter 300 mm 12 in
Sensitivity 96 dB 1 W/1 m @ ZN
Minimum impedance 6.8 ohm
Frequency range 45-1500 Hz
Program power 2600 W
Recommended enclosure volume 45 l
Voice coil diameter 101.6 mm 4 in
BL factor 26.4 N/A
Moving mass 0.125 kg
Winding length 28 mm
Air gap height 14 mm
Xdamage pp 65 mm
Fs 45 Hz
Re 5 ohm
Qms 4.2
Qes 0.25
Qts 0.24
Vas 43 l
Cms 100 µm / N
Rms 8.4 kg/s
Efficiency % 1.5
Sd 0.055m²
Xmax 11 mm
Vd 605 cm³
Le @1 kHz 1.3 mH
Depth 176 mm 6.9 in
Net weight 8.3 kg 18.3 lb
Total weight 9.0 kg 19.8 lb
Magnet Neodymium
POWER (W AES) 1300
SEN. (dB 2.83V-1m) 96
COIL DIAM. (in) 4

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