Turbosound TCS212B-WH


Turbosound TCS212B-WH

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The TURBOSOUND TCS212B-WH is a powerful bandpass sub-bass enclosure designed to be used in a variety of installed sound system applications ranging from nightclubs and wine bars to theatres, themed environments and places of worship.

It consists of two high-excursion 12″ LF drivers in a birch plywood enclosure. Both drivers are loaded by identical compartments, and are arranged in a force-cancelling mode, which effectively reduces mechanical vibration in the box and minimises the possibility of enclosure movement being transmitted into the venue structure. The ports are optimised for high velocity and low turbulence, and are also designed for symmetrical airflow, reducing distortion both in the port and the drivers. These features combine to produce substantial sub-bass energy from a cabinet of modest dimensions and a space-saving profile. The TCS212B-WH provides sub-bass support for several TURBOSOUND enclosures. Its quasi-6th order band-pass alignment results in high efficiency in the pass band, and will generate high definition bass energy regardless of its position in the room.

Neutrik speakON* NL4 input and link connectors are provided on a rear panel box with special cable access bays that allow cabinets to be interconnected and positioned right up to a wall. Cabinets can be stacked, using the fitted rubber feet and matching stacking recesses, in order to increase SPL at bass frequencies.

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