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VERSAPAR is a new generation ParLED zoom, designed for rental-company, with a multi-purpose concept suitable for both stage and architectural lighting.

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    VERSAPAR is a new generation ParLED zoom, designed for rental-company, with a multi-purpose concept suitable for both stage and architectural lighting, in environments of large and medium size.The peculiar single-lens optical system with plano-convex endings enhances the 12x10W RGB/FullColor LED source through a reflecting technique implying colors to be pre-mixed in optical channels. A technical solution allowing a chromatic naturalism that is simply out of reach for LED-powered projectors of previous generations. VERSAPAR also features a 10°-60° unrivaled zoom to have fantastic beam effects with great definition or to angle wide for high-diffusion wash looks. Excellent efficiency and perfect chromatic uniformity are maintained throughout the zoom range. VERSAPAR is a project developed for professional venues by offering a new dimmer technology with super-linear and anti-flickering ramp for any camera, with frequency adjustment from the user interface. The absolute noiseless VERSAPAR operation makes it suitable even in noise sensitive environments or in applications with a large quantity of projectors.

    Light source and optics

    • 12x10W high-efficiency RGBW/FullColor LEDs
    • Lux @ 3 m: 654,8-6071 lux
    • Energy-saving LEDs employed, with more vivid colors and lower power consumption than traditional lamps
    • Color synthesis: RGBW Fullcolor mixing (>16 million colors) for a limitless color range
    • White color temperature preset: 3200K~10000K
    • Beam angle: Fast-zoom 10°-60°
    • Electronic linear zoom with motorized and scrolling lens panel
    • LEDs average life span: >50’000h

    Electronics and features

    • Several DMX selectable configurations (5, 7, 10 channels) for advanced or basic controlling

    5 channels: RGBW, Zoom
    7 channels: Dimmer, RGBW, Zoom
    10 channels: Dimmer, RGBW, Color Macros, Strobe/Auto Spped, Auto Mode, Dimmer Speed, Zoom

    • Black-OLED display user interface for auto programs execution, static color mode, creation of custom shows, color calibration presets
    • 4 different dimming curves available
    • New HD-dimming technology with super-linear and anti-flickering ramp, frequency adjustment from the user interface
    • Auto mode: built-in programs with execution speed adjustment
    • Static color mode: selection of static color
    • Manual color mode: manual adjustment of color
    • Master/Slave mode: for synchronized operation of more units linked in a chain
    • Linear and “stepless” transition between DMX values
    • Flicker free operations (>400Hz)

    Structure and Power supply

    • Cooling: forced ventilation with low-noise fans, no heat generation
    • Sturdy die-cast aluminium body conceived for long-time durability and demanding applications
    • Internal Protection: IP30
    • IN / OUT wiring signal and power connections through XLR3p/5p/Powercon
    • Double hanging bracket suitable for safe hanging and for floor positioning
    • Power unit: 100-240V 50/60Hz
    • Power consumption: 120W
    • Weight: 5,5 kg
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 261x190x368 mm

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