Powersoft D-Cell504 AC PS


Small and Lightweight 2/4-Channel Amplifier Module

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The D-Cell504 is an incredible mix of power and technology you wouldn’t expect in such a small and lightweight amplifier: with 2x350W available at 4Ω, bridgeable to have 700W on a single 8Ω load with astonishing sound clarity, the D-Cell504 has already proven to be a wonderful solution for a very wider range of applications, from small-mid power professional loudspeakers to studio monitors, home cinema systems, musical instruments, powered mixers and even hi-fi applications.

The D-Cell504 is made of two incredibly compact units 
– power supply and 2-Channel output stage – each one measuring just 100x78x45mm, guaranteeing easy mechanical integration and the ability to fit almost any possible design.

Limited size doesn’t mean limited capabilities: the D-Cell504 power supply can drive two 2-Channel amp units, permitting multi-way configurations in a ridiculous amount of space. Both output channel pairs are bridgeable, so that you can drive 3-way systems as well as 2-way bi-amped or symmetrical loads with higher power even at higher impedance.

Compactness and flexibility are the keywords even when looking at the DSP solution for the D-Cell504: in fact, the output stage is also available with an integrated 2in/4out DSP on board, a powerful tool to shape the audio signal and to apply the dynamic processing needed to make the most of your speakers still keeping them safe.

  • Small Footprint / Low Weight: 100x78x45mm, 263g Amplifier Unit / 300g Power Supply Unit
  • Comprehensive/smart protection features: thermal, overcurrent, high frequencies and non audio signals
  • Clip and Permanent signal limiter
  • Auxiliary output voltage (±12V regulated, 200mA max)
  • Bypass line outputs for external active/passive filters
  • Mute command
  • Temperature controlled Fan output
  • Remote Control & Networking with optional DSP board
  • Fully integrate in Armonía Pro Audio Suite™, for complete monitoring and fine-tuning the whole system
  • Power Factor Correction (PFC): for worldwide operation and error proof connection to mains voltage
  • Modularity: separate power supply and amplification stages for easy and flexible integration
  • Multistage architecture: possibility of feeding two amplification stages with a single power supply unit for multi-channel applications
  • State-of-the-art fixed frequency PPM-PWM modulation: Unmatched audio performance from any perspective, intrinsic immunity to intermodulation artifacts in multi-channel applications
  • Customizable Power Output: 350W + 350W @ 4Ω, 180W @ 8Ω + 350W @ 4Ω
  • Compact size and EMI/safety certification: for quick and easy product development
  • Very High efficiency/Low consumption
  • High quality audio: fixed frequency modulation design for predictable high end performance
  • Optional On Board DSP 2 In – 4 Out: 24 bit AD/DA conversion, 28×28 bit multiplier with 56 bit accumulator, full double precision processing. Sigma Studio® based full set of filtering, equalization, dynamic processing – 4 presets storable.
  • Auxiliary DSP processed outputs: for slaving other not DSP equipped units
  • Load Monitoring: for transducer health diagnostic and safety regulation compliance


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