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Line 6 StageScape M20d

A breakthrough in live sound mixing technology, the StageScape M20d from Line 6 combines touchscreen-based visual mixing with highly-intelligent software and powerful DSP processing to create a mixing system with the ‘smarts’ to make you sound your best. All without having to think like a sound engineer or wrangle with a surfeit of knobs.


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    • 20 inputs: 18 analog and 2 digital
      • 12 high-performance, digitally controlled, auto-sensing mic/line inputs
      • 4 additional auto-sensing balanced line inputs
      • 2 digital streaming inputs direct from computer, USB drive or SD card
      • Stereo line inputs for integrating MP3 players or other sound sources
    • 4 auto-sensing monitor outputs on balanced XLR connectors
    • 2 auto-sensing main outputs on balanced XLR connectors
    • L6 LINK™ multi-channel digital networking for integrating L6 LINK-enabled speaker systems


    • Touchscreen visual mixing environment
    • Switch between Stage View and Fader View
    • Remote control capability via one or more iPad® 2 or better devices*


    • Multitrack recording to SD card, USB drive or computer
    • Place markers in sessions for quick access to parts of a track
    • Import multitrack backing tracks from external sources
    • Quick-capture recording to internal memory for sound check


    • Internal 32-bit floating point audio processing
    • Massive DSP power provides parametric EQs, dynamic EQs, compressors, multi-band compressors, gates, delays, limiters and more
    • Multi-band feedback suppression on every mic input
    • 4 stereo master effects engines including reverbs, delays and vocal doubler
    • Virtually unlimited I/O Setups, Scenes and Channel Processing Presets

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