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Special fluid for snow machines for the production of foam 5 L

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    The Cameo Snow-Fluid is formulated specifically for professional snow machines and generates solid white foam flakes with high reflective capacity, that dissolve without residue . It is immediately ready to use, odourless and biodegradable.

    The Cameo Snow Fluid is completely harmless and non-toxic; a compliance certificate and a DIN safety data sheet are available for download. It is manufactured in Germany under continuous quality control; the container can be re-used.

    The water used in the manufacturing process of the fluids is distilled 10 times and thus guarantees that the fluids in use hardly contain any residues.

    Available upon request as a 220 litre keg with tap.

    • Very high quality special fluid for snow machines
    • for the production of solid white foam
    • Capacity 5 L
    • made in Germany
    • ready to use
    • odourless
    • biodegradable
    • very good reflective behaviour
    • non-toxic


    • Type: snow fluid
    • Container Size: 5 L

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