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Fog fluid with very high density and very long standing time 5 L

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    The Cameo Heavy Fluid is formulated for all common fog machines and creates a particularly dense and long lasting white fog . It is immediately ready to use, odourless and due to its excellent reflective capability, ideal for spectacular light and laser shows.

    The Cameo Heavy Fluid is manufactured in Germany underconstant quality control. It is safe and non-toxic ; the appropriate certificate and a DIN safety data sheet are available for download. The container can be reused.

    The water used in the manufacturing process of the fluids is distilled 10 times and thus guarantees that the fluids in use hardly contain any residues.

    Available upon request as a 220 litre keg with tap.

    • high quality fog fluid
    • capacity 5 L
    • very dense fog
    • very long standing time
    • made in Germany
    • ready to use
    • odourless
    • biodegradable
    • very good reflective behaviour
    • non-toxic


    • Type: fog fluid
    • Container Size: 5 L
    • Fog Density: very dense
    • standing time: very long

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