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144 x 10 mm FLAT LED RGB PAR Spot light in white housing with IR-remote control capability

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    Cameo CLPFLAT1RGB10IR PAR Light with IR Remote Control Capability

    The Cameo CLPFLAT1RGB10IR is a flat and lightweight PAR light with RGB colours and 14° beam angle providing a variety of functions and lighting effects. A total of 144 large extremely powerful 10 mm LEDs provide rich and radiant colour mixing while convection cooling allows for noise-free operation.

    The compact ABS enclosure of the CLPFLAT1RGB10IR incorporates adjustable twin brackets, DMX input and output on XLR connectors and IEC power connectors for daisy chaining up to 10 units.

    The Cameo CLPFLAT1RGB10IR features IR remote control capability, 4 DMX modes, sound control and a display with mode, enter, up and down keys. It can be used as master, slave and standalone, and at 15 watts only the unit’s power consumption is extremely low.

    An IR remote control is available as accessory (CLPFLAT1REMOTE).

    • Type: Flat PAR
    • Colour Range: RGB
    • Number of LEDs: 144 (48x Red, 48 Green, 48x Blue)
    • LED Type: 10 mm
    • Beam Angle: 14°
    • DMX Input: XLR 3-pole
    • DMX Output: XLR 3-pole
    • DMX Mode: 2-channel, 3-channel-1, 3-channel-2, 6-channel
    • DMX Functions: Colour Fade, Colour Jump, Master Dimmer, RGB, Sound, Control, Strobe
    • Standalone Modes: Colour Jump, Colour Fade, Slave Mode, Sound, Control, Static Colour, Colour Macro
    • Controls: Mode, Value Down, Value Up, Enter
    • Indicators: LED Display
    • Power Connector: IEC connector male/female
    • Housing Material: ABS
    • Housing Colour: White
    • Type of cooling: Convection
    • Illuminance (lx aha_at.gif 1m): 4000 lx
    • Dimensions (without mounting bracket:) 180 x 175 x 115 mm

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